Does my film have to be about cannabis?


No, but entries should have the plant featured in some role. It could be like a best supporting actor in your film about prohibition or the opioid crisis for example.


I’m not a professional and don’t have any fancy kit, does that matter?


No, not at all, we want people to submit regardless of resume and experience; we believe that the stories are the key. Filmmakers of all walks of life are picking up smart phones nowadays to help tell unique stories in new ways so don’t be put off. Anyone can tell a story.


Still not convinced?


If you really don’t want to don your director hat but have a great idea get in touch with us. We know lots of talented filmmakers who might be the perfect fit to help bring your idea to life whether it be an animation or work of fact or fiction.


What kind of stories will you be accepting?


Literally (almost) anything. It could be a documentary on a compassion club, a film about hempcrete (its like watching concrete dry that one), an meditation on the feeling of being high, or maybe it’s a short story or profile piece on a local canna running club a profile piece or hemp hero.


One of the ideas of the festival is to explore and showcase the plant and its many and varied uses including but not limited to its recreational and medicinal use.


Can my film be about altered states of consciousness?


Absolutely we are super keen to provide a platform to help people better understand all states of consciousness


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